Support for Ukraine

Dear friends, colleagues and acquaintances from all over the world.

Ukraine needs help NOW! I invite you to share this message in all the languages ​​of the world! While Putin’s bombs fall on civilians’ heads, the situation becomes increasingly more dire.

Let us help as much as we can by donating in these terrible circumstances. I have already donated, please donate too! With my own funds, I supported the people of Ukraine by donating to BLUE / YELLOW.

Through my charitable foundation fund, I seek to help Ukrainians seeking asylum escape the hell of war and settle safely in Lithuania. I promise that every euro will be used for the benefit of the Ukrainian people. You can find the details to donate in a form convenient for you below

You may donate via:

Bank Transfer:
Beneficiary: A.Guogos paramos fondas
Address: Lithuania, Vilnius, Igno Šimulionio str. 5, LT-04330
IBAN: LT387290000001700428
Bank: Citadele
Bank address: Lithuania, Vilnius, Upės str. 21-1, LT-08128
Purpose of payment: SUPPORT FOR UKRAINE

0xF3c71795FA228AB6d95287ec9dd745b9e34A59fF – Ethereum (ETH and USDT)
bc1q2r3gjr5pve4q9eu5sdk6gs2u0vm0sexnt9zq5j – Bitcoin (Native SegWit)
1DEykCzTzY3HGPZXGShdXcUcabDtF4A5vW – Bitcoin (Legacy)

Let’s help together as much as we can – now.

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