2005 WSOP. I’m out

I’m out of the 2005 WSOP. Round 3, 4, and 5 wasn’t very successful at all. I didn’t do anything wrong, just couldn’t win any races. Lost a 3 outer, after making the nut flush, and the guy had a draw with two pair. I had one of his pair as well, but he hit. Which put me back to 15k instead of 30k, and just couldn’t find my feet from there. I lost several races, and hands including Aces against A J suited, Billy Gazes got me there. But that’s the way poker is…I had a really good time here, and learned a lot. I think I still have a long way to go in my poker game. The last hand I had A K against Kings, and the flop was A 8 9. So, there is a one outer now, to lose. Sure enough, the turn was a King, and that was very unfortunate, like losing top set over bottom set..well, after the flop. But, that’s poker, and I look forward to Paris toward the end of the month. Thanks for following along.

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