24 hour cash game

The Premier League did not go well for me. I just could not get into any of the heats. Hellmuth dominated the qualifying rounds but Juha Helppi won it all with a dominating performance in the final.

The very next day we started the 24 hour high stakes cash game with me, Devil Fish, Hellmuth, Gerasimov, Juha Helppi, and Roland De Wolf. And I was in a mood to rip them all apart.

Hellmuth was on my right in seat 7 and I was in seat 8 and could touch him. I really came after him and dominated him. Hellmuth is a great player but does not have the skill level in cash games. He went through 8 buy-ins and left devastated. I do hope he can bounce back from this but I broke him 7 out of the 8 times.

It was like if he played, I would play and either bluff him out or have the best hand. One hand he checked dark and I checked dark on the flop. On the turn he makes a straight but we both checked dark. On the river I make the Flush and bust him for the last time. He did not have enough left in him to make the 9th re buy. I was a little sad cause Phil is a great player and a good person. He just believes that he is the best player in the world and tells everyone. It looked silly in the cash game.

This will make amazing TV as I was back to my devastating best with many new lines. So everyone will have some fun when they hit YouTube.

Now I am off to Austria to take on East vs. West – me vs. the Fish. This should be fun.

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