2nd main event

I had Ron Rose on my table today and I was thinking about how I will get him all morning I really did want to see him out and I was desperate to knock him out. It is not that he is a bad guy I just dont like people who tell me things that are not true its a personal matter.
Well I did te job with K5 against Ron”s KQ suited a board that read K57 saw Ron put all his chips inn and he didnt imrpve his hand.

So I get up to 300,000 early on in the day and have the clear lead in the tournament, nice position to be inn. I managed to lose chips by making untimely moves that did not work and was back down to 190,000 here coem my brake!
Our table brakes and I get moved to Phil Helmuts table I annouce that I am taking him on in every pot he plays and that I hope to bust him he has about 250,000 when I arrive I understand wher he does in the game and have a startegy to counter his play. I got involved in many pots and in one very big one around 200,000 he oveerplayed hi pocket JJ with a board showing K933 he bet big thinking that he has the best hand I called the rives cam an A and we both checked I took the pot with KQ he was not happy but I managed to play really well against him all day and end up with 358,000 on chips. Big day tommorrow watch out everyone!!

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