A Visit Before Game Play

Tony’s blog today has captioned queries with him responding verbally.

Caption: Tony, can you explain how your day unfolds before a major event like the Party Poker Premier League…

Tony responds by saying that at the beginning of the day, after he wakes up, he has breakfast and tries to relax for a bit, usually playing online poker and waiting for the afternoon. Tony took a train and walked to the Premiere event. He really likes trains. He says he is feeling excited.

Caption: There’s normally a lot of hanging around TV sets – what’s it like?

Tony’s response is that you have to go through make-up and then wait for the event to start, he says it is a bit painful but he’s used to it and doesn’t worry about it too much. Sometimes the studios are really hot and really unprofessional but Match Room is a great company and they know what they are doing so everything is pretty smooth.

Caption: The modern poker player that plays on the TV has to be interviewed many times each day. How do you find it?

Tony replies that usually the interviewers aren’t prepared and aren’t really asking good questions. He hopes they get better. Tony said, “Sometimes it’s so strange, they don’t even know who you are. They give you a form to fill out and ask what tournament you’re playing…” He goes on to say that they need to be more professional about it and know who they are interviewing and know what poker is.

Caption: In your opinion what makes a good TV poker tournament?

Tony says that in tournaments, you need good players, you need personalities. The best players make the best tournaments…”You come and you challenge…”

Caption: Do you feel pressure to perform?

Tony says he’s not thinking about the event all day, all he knows is that he has to come and play; he isn’t thinking about strategy; he doesn’t have any pressure in the sense of performance.

Caption: You are renowned for being very busy. Do you have any exciting projects just now?

Tony says he has a lot of exciting projects going on, he’s heavily involved in the internet. He is looking forward to the future.

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