Aussie Millions Main Event

Tony’s back with Amanda Leatherman. Tony’s playing the main event of the Aussie Millions and compliments Amanda – her being on the site and at his side to dress up the atmosphere of his blog. Tony says that the next time he is playing the big cash game, they will do the blog segment live during his play.

Back to the main event of the Aussie Millions, Tony says he walked in and got a terrible table, he notes Roland DeWolfe and all the big dogs like four tight, local pros and it was a nightmare.

Out of a start with 20,000, he was down to about 12,000 pretty quickly – Tony adds that he was playing his “aggressive loopy game…raise, reraise, raisy-daisy…”

Tony’s game broke and he went to another table with seven people he’s never met. “That’s pretty good!”

Tony says they are all ’stations’, they like to check and call, check and call. It’s so great he went from about 13K to 45K. He says that he didn’t win anything big, just little pots, “like a shark…biting away in Australia…”

Tony closes by saying that he will hopefully play his game – aggressive.

Check back!

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