Australia Update:

I’m still in Australia getting ready for all the main events. Today we are playing the $100,000 buy in Speed Poker event. The field that I know of consists of Mike Sexton, John Juanda, Barry Greenstein, Michael Sampoerna, Phil Ivey, and myself. These are the people I know about – I’m sure there are others. Its going to be a great tournament. 15 seconds to make your decision, or your hand is dead. It’s a fast one, and its going to be a lot of fun.

I’ve been playing some tournaments. In finished 10th two nights ago in the $1,000 limit hold em event. I finished on the bubble, a bit unlucky. Last night, in the $1,000 no limit with rebuys, I came in 20th….just off the money. I had two kings and a big stack, and was against another chip leader with Ace Seven. I would have had the chip lead, but unfortunately, the Ace Seven got there on the river. I kind of slowplayed it, so I got hurt….but that’s OK – you can’t control the cards.

On Saturday, I am playing “Billy The Crocâ€? in a $50,000 buy in heads up match. There is betting going on for that match on They have a market for it….I’m about even money to win. We’re playing limit Omaha Hi/Lo.

I’ve been playing cash games as well, and the game of choice in Australia is a Omaha Hi/Lo and Hold Em mixed game. We’ve been playing either 300/600, or 400/800, and I have managed to win all ten sessions. My worst result was a $3k win, and my best was about $33k. I’m about $200,000 up on the trip thus far, and those wins will cover my buy ins for all the tournaments, including the $100,000 Speed Poker, the $50,000 heads up, and the $10,000 main event, and all my expenses. So, I;ve had a good trip here, and its just a great country. Everyone is so relaxed, and the casino is just fantastic. I urge everyone to come over here.

Also, there is betting on the Aussie Millions Main Event at I see Phil Ivey is about even money heads up last longer against many players….so there is a bit of value there. You can bet on me against ‘The Croc’. I think I am going to beat him. I have had a lot of experience in heads up high limit Omaha challenge matches. I think I can beat him, and I will try my best.

You can find updates on all this stuff on, which you can go to direct, or go to, and look for the Australian Flag in the upper right corner. I’ll try to update again soon.

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