Back in Lithuania

No more video blogs until the E WSOP starts.

This is day 1, I went all-in and am waiting for my opponent to decide.

My Opponent took a long, long time, counting out his chips, looking at me, looking at the board, and then recounted his chips.

This was the board:

After an eternity, my opponent called and I showed him 2-2, for a flopped set. I’m smiling and stacking


I wish it had all gone that well. As it turns out, it’s bad, bad, bad. I am sick, sick, sick. I hate to lose but that is the harsh reality in life. When the fields are so big, it’s very hard to make it and taking just one or two blows can change the whole picture.

I played great poker and felt that after this experience I have lots of improvement left in me.

The start of my demise: I tried to push a guy off a hand that he should be able to drop. He held A-Q and I reraised. I believed that I would get him to fold such a hand. But no luck. He called of all his stack. I had no help and was left crippled after cruising. Later with some chips left, I went all-in with 10-10 and I ran into A-A and K-K behind me. The pot was big and I needed to hit – but no luck and the WSOP party was over for another year.

I am back in Lithuania and the weather is perfect here. Everything is green and fresh. I am happy to be out of the desert and feel alive again.

Love to all

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