Back in Lithuania

I am in Lithuania but not for long. I am getting ready to go to Amsterdam for the $5,000 buy-in event and then I jump a flight to Singapore where I will play another $5,000 buy-in event which will be the biggest – ever – poker tournament in Asia.

After that, I am off to Australia for the European winter and the Aussie Millions in early January. I plan on staying in Australia until I know when the PPL starts. The PPL is a tremendous move for poker players and for the world audience. There’s so much involved in the PPL that the whole concept is fascinating. It will all come to light as the PPL progresses. I am on a great team with Doyle Brunson and I think we can win the whole thing. After all, Doyle is one of the greatest players alive, and I plan on making my move upward with every tournament I play. It’s fantastic to be on a team with Doyle and have the opportunity to be part of poker history.

The weather in Lithuania has been cold with lots snow the last few days. Although today it warmed up and the snow is melting, it’s the kind of weather I hate. I like warm, moonlit nights with a breeze that teases the senses. Snow just doesn’t fit into that picture, but I am where I am for now. This kind of weather sends me indoors to play on my site, TonyG.Poker. Join me there, the door is always open, and the welcome mat is always out.

I have a plan to try the big game on FullTilt, the 1k-2k game. I’ve set up an account today with my nick: ‘wraptTonyG’. It will be interesting to see how I do there. There are always observers lurking around the game and filling the chat boxes with questions and thoughts while the game is in progress. Stop by and say hello if you see me in one of the games. I may not respond if you chat me but your well wishes are always appreciated.

I will update from Amsterdam with all the news. It will be a big event – a sell out – like many events are in Europe these days.

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