Busy in London

I am in London right now going to the gym every day and trying to stay fit. My only problem is that I like pizza and good food and wine so I need to work on giving up on some of those things.

I have a little stressing going on as I have a personal deal to sign and I have two really good offers on the table and possibly a third one will come along.  There is only one deal I want to sign and that is with the best company in the world that loves poker.  I know that Tom Dwan signed the biggest endorsement deal in the history of the game.  It’s said that he had a very late offer from the biggest poker operator in the world and that offer as I understand, was close to 2 million per year.  So the price of the big players is rising.

How much is Isildur1 worth? He killed Durrrr and it’s not just a killing, it’s total devastation, it’s like signing Jordan to have him turn up and score 3 points a game.

Anyway, Tom seems to be on the bench right now but I am sure he will recover from this.  I was down taking a look for his Million Dollar Challenge and I did an interview and said that Tom is a genius, the best player ever.

You can have the most talent but you always have to expect somebody better to come along and beat you.  It might be just for awhile but why go and lose it all when you cannot reload?  Tom is young and will bounce back from this bigger than ever.  I know many people would take a share of him and Ivey will most likely back him so he will never be broke but he might be close to being cash broke right now.

Full Tilt has done amazing things with their big games.  Everyone is fascinated and it’s so clear that Full Tilt is the fastest growing site right now.  People love to watch the big games and this includes me as well. I might play bigger but I only want to play against players I know I am stronger than but I would love to play with these guys, say in a 1 Million buy-in tournament that ran over one week and included all the games.  Let’s hope that somebody launches a tour.  It can only be Full Tilt as they have all the heavy weight poker players right now.

Big kudos for Full Tilt but they should also think about these huge stakes getting out of hand.  When young kids watch the games, they can get the wrong idea.  PokerStars, by not going this route and by not being able to sign Tom, might be better off as the super high stakes with young kids playing cannot be too healthy if things go wrong.  Ilsidur1 is only 19 and you don’t want a kid jumping off of a bridge after losing 10 Million in one day.

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