Cardiff Update

I finished second in my heat and I had my second chance in the semi finale. I came up against Roy Brindley, Ross Boatman and a few other players, all English players actually – and me.

Early on I picked up a pair of Kings against Jacks; the flop was a Jack. Before the flop I raised to 400 – Blinds were 50 -100. He reraised me to 1,000 – I made it 2,800; we started with 10,000 each. He called 2,800. The Flop was Jack-3-6. I checked and he bet 2500. I thought for five minutes. I really wanted to lay the hand down, I just knew I was beat, I didn’t know how. I wanted to lay it – down but I couldn’t lay it down. I reraised him all-in, I had another $8,000; I shoved it all in behind. There are great players that would be able to make that lay down but I wasn’t good enough today. I just paid it off with all my chips.

It’s such a hard hand to get away from when you’ve got a pair of Kings with a Jack-3-6 flop in a tournament that’s fast and furious and you have to win it to go on. And I don’t know how I could lay it down and I couldn’t. And I was busted out first. And now I have to take a long trip on the first flight to Vegas to play in Poker After Dark.

This is a great, great event that we’re playing, it’s just about Wales, the temperature is around 50 Fahrenheit range every single day and I get back at about 5 p.m.after playing poker all day and there’s nothing to do, nothing except sit in my hotel room and play on my site which has picked up a lot in the last few days so I hope everybody comes and plays with me. If you haven’t signed up already, now is the time. TonyG.Poker.

I’m playing with all the champions right now Chris Ferguson, Gus Hanson, Phil Ivey, there all here.

So I’ll be playing this NBC show Poker After Dark. It’s a great event. I’m very excited to play in it. I will update everyone on how I do very soon.

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