Day 1C $1,100 Opening Event Aussie Millions

Tony’s greeted by Lynn Gilmartin and she asked him how today was going. Tony said things were good, he showed up about four hours late for the tournament and then he busted out when he pushed with K-2 and ran into Queens. He’s still in the holiday mode, having fun, and gearing up for the 100K event which he will be really focused on but in the meantime…he’s just having fun. To quote, “I’m just a fun guy!” *It’s a Tony G thing – he likes to have fun*

Tony had a party at his house last night. Tony is at the top of the world with the time he spends in Australia and time with his family, he’s happy, and says it’s nice catching up with all the people, it’s like his hometown “it’s the best place in the world.”

But in the middle of all the fun, it’s time to play poker – time to focus. He’s playing the $100K and the Main Event but he’s undecided on what other events he will play. Tournament listings are up on ChipMeUp and you can be part of the action. Tony played the Opening Event as a random choice, his brother was playing also. Tony laughs and says his brother “is about 10m-to-1 but you never know.”

The conversation goes to Tony’s brother – watch the video.

Lynn asks about Christmas in Melbourne, Tony says it just went by, they weren’t celebrating, and it was “just a day.” And since he celebrates every day, Christmas wasn’t that important. New Years was spent with the kids and it all “sort of flew by.” It’s all about the ‘barbie.’

Tony made New Year’s Resolutions about three years ago and he’s working on strengthening the vows this year. He wants to be fit and healthy – he talks about staying with Lee Nelson and his weight loss and overall health for life goals.

Just as the conversation is ending, Tony’s brother shows up, busted out of the tourney. They are on their way to another barbie.

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