Day one of the $50K Horse – update

An update during the dinner break.

We are just done with the first part of today’s day and it’s dinner break now, 7 p.m. here, until nine. It’s a two hour dinner break. I’ve had a few nice pots from Doyle; I won a 35,000 chip pot from Doyle, which was nice, and it’s a nice table. I’m enjoying myself. Unfortunately my chip stacks aren’t happy, I’m down just below 60,000 which is very unfortunate but I’m just not getting any breaks. I’m not doing much wrong, maybe a few little mistakes; getting involved in pots I shouldn’t be but otherwise…

I just have a feeling I’ll get through today. I think I’m due for a nice run, if I can get a few chips together I’ll be alive tomorrow. I think that is the key now to be in a position with anything tomorrow. Because the swings will come tomorrow, lots of players will be going up or down quickly.

But a few players are out; Jeff Lisandro busted out first, he’s my mentor in poker, he’s the number one player here at the WSOP. So that was interesting that he was the first to bust out and a guy on our table busted out as well, so two people before the dinner break is a huge turnout for the books, I’m amazed these people are out because the structure is pretty flat and low. After the dinner break people have a drink and there’ll be a lot more action and dancing.

I’m checking out for the day but I’ll be back tomorrow so look for the latest… as long as I’m alive.

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