Defeated by Isildur1

It was a huge battle and I tried my best for everyone. I wasn’t good enough to defeat him even though I hung my heart on a stick and I got done – well done to the point of charcoal in the heat. I did manage to stay ahead of the heat for awhile by a small margin but then it was a backslide.

I am now inviting Isildur1 to Party Poker where I will take him on and add 50k of my own money for the winner. We need to play at Party Poker. I had a game away and now I need a game on my home turf at the site that started it all and set up online poker for everyone else and that’s Party Poker.

I went outside my poker home, I wanted to show everyone that you can bend some rules and I thank my sponsor Party Poker a heap for allowing me to go outside the home turf and take on the best they have to offer. I do want a rematch and I know that PokerStars will allow Isildur1 to play away as well. The rematch will be a mega contest, it’s only fair, and let’s bring it on and we can bring on a mega show for the rest of the poker world at my home.

I tried really hard to win and did all I could do but I wasn’t good enough or lucky enough. But I stuck it in with K-6 as I know some huge bets were made on me as a mega underdog and I wanted to give everyone some hope as I was behind badly. I was against all odds that rallied hard in Isildur1′s favor. My best game was in NLHE and I am proud of what I managed to do in the SuperStar Showdown, although in defeat, it’s just a battle and the real war is just to begin the battle.

Twoplustwo always has a giant thread on everything poker. I started my own thread there on the game.

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