Deuce to 7 Rebuy

Tony is in the Duece to 7, it just started a few hours ago. Tony says he’s at a sick table. Lyle Berman, Texas Dolly (Doyle Brunson), E-Dog (Erick Lindgren) and Adams are there, it’s a lot of fun and a lot of stories are flying.

It’s a re-buy event and Tony came in with $5K and rebought straight away so he’s in for $10K. He played an all-in hand with E-Dog and Doyle where they all ended up all-in and Tony made a pat 9 and they both drew. Tony won the pot so he was up to about $60K – after that he dribbled off some chips and he’s down to about $35K but he’s happy because he hasn’t spent that much. They have one more hour of re-buys so that’s a three hour re-buy period. Phil Ivey is in for $100K already, he was moving in blind every hand. It took him awhile to get going.

Tony exclaims, “It’s exciting…it’s unbelievable!”

Tiffany asks Tony about the overall appearance of the field and refers to it as being the “funnest’ event that it looks like a bunch of guys that Tony plays with all the time and doesn’t even feel like a World Series of Poker event.

Tony agrees that more of these events would be fun; that a no limit holdem event with 4,000 players is too much of a grind, it’s boring and it’s more fun to come in and play the great players if you can afford it.

Tiffany and Tony share a humorous touch on affording the game.

Tony updates the Stud event. He made it down to around 35 players and he picked up Aces when another player picked up Kings and the Kings won. Tony lost a big pot and then he ’tilted up a bit.’ Tony missed the cash and blew up a little bit. “When you blow up you can also go well you know…”

Tiffany advises Tony to not blow up, not spend a bunch of money, “and just get out there and play your game.”

Tiffany Michelle from live blogging with Tony G.

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