Intercontinental Cup

I’m in Las Vegas preparing for the Intercontinental Cup coming up on the 14th. This will be aired on CBS all around America, so everyone will get to see this. We have 21 players from every poker playing country in the world that they have selected. We have Johnny Chan playing for China, Gus Hansen for Denmark. Phil Ivey is in….but I hear there was some lobbying to get Ivey in over Doyle, and Phil was put in. Joe Hachem was in the event originally for Australia, but this is a event, and I guess PokerStars felt it unwise. I am very happy not to be caught up in all the politics. I’m just happy to play. It’s a $500,000 Freeroll, with no buy in, so its like having a $25,000 freeroll each, plus you can wear sponsor logos for some more possible money, event though it is a PartyPoker event.

Im here in Las Vegas, the weather is nice. Feeling good, getting ready, and hoping to perform well. The event is three days away. It will play out over three days – the 14th through the 16th. It’s a complicated structure, but the final is seven players. They say for the final, we’re going to have 7 million viewers watching on CBS. They are going to format it over three days on the air, just like a golf tournament. It will be fun, and I am looking forward to it.

By the way, 24h poker is making a book on this event. I am currently 12 to 1, which is down from the opener of 13.5 to one. Ivey is the favorite….no surprise there. Here is a link to the odds page Just click ‘poker’ on the right. See you all at Palms, or Bellagio.

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