John Juanda vs Tony G.

Today is the $2,000 No Limit Shootout. We were hearing that they were going to lock it out at 1,000 players. So, I turned up early so I could be sure to get my seat. But, only 600 players showed up, which is a terrible turnout. I hear there is a big tournament at the Orleans, and many players went there. The management of the WSOP has been a fiasco thus far.

Within 5 minutes, Harry Demetriou stood up, and demanded his money back, as it was supposed to be 10 handed, but they were dealing it 6 handed, and he wanted his money back. Harry got mad, and they threw him out.

Then Daniel Negreanu showed up late, and has been basically blinded out of the tournament, cause he thought it was going to be 10 handed, and the blinds moved 40% faster. Daniel was really upset, and there has been a ton of controversy today.

On my table, I wasn’t worried about the controversy, I just wanted to win my table. I had John Juanda to my left. 6 handed, No Limit Holdem – my game. I felt really focused today. Early on, I got down to 1,200, and was in a bit of trouble. But, I was playing a lot of hands, because I like challenging people, I like calling behind, and putting pressure on people. Juanda got off to a slow start as well.

But very quickly, I got into full flight, and was betting, and raising, and hammering away, and taking lots of pots down. Then I picked up some hands – I got the nut flush against a small set. That was against a guy who had seen me on TV, and had a big mouth, and I fixed him up. He’s probably riding his bike home right now.

Next to go was another player who was a bit unlucky as his AK ran into my AA. Then I raised on the button, and Juanda moved in. He was unable to get into the game, and he made a move on me with A 4. I had to call for only a few hundred more chips with Q J of spades, and the flop was J high with two spades. So, he was basically drawing dead. It was nice to knock him out. He got lucky on the river against me at an earlier event, so I liked to knock him out.

With Juanda out, I knew it was over. I had one tight player who was over betting each pot – never do this. He was betting 300 into 100 chip pots. There is no value there. I think that’s a big lesson. So, it was only a matter of time until I got them. I picked up Kings, and made a small raise, and they both called. It comes King high on the flop, and he went all in on the flop, and he was drawing dead. That left me heads up against an inexperienced player.

I pushed him around very nicely. On the end, I made Aces up against Kings up, and I was the second person to win my table. I won my table in 53 hands. When I am in my groove, and things are running my way, I can beat anyone in the world, and today was one of those days. Even though I was down in chips, I was still full of confidence.

So, now I come back tomorrow, and I win one 10 handed table – I am at the final table. I want this really bad, and I am going to try my best.

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