Ladbrokes Millions

I am done and dusted. I played really well but at the end of the day you need some breaks in these things.

I got the thing heads up with Ian Cox who played well. On the last hand I had K-K all-in vs. A-9 but the board came 5-6-8-Q-7 and he made a straight.

I’ve also been playing on FullTilt but haven’t had any luck in the last 48 hours. I won about 200k but have given most of it back so bad, bad news at the moment for the forum. I am going to put 10 of them into a WPT if I build up to 1M. I am still alive but down to about 40k so turn on the life support. The swings are huge in these games.

I am going to Lithuania in the morning and then back to London to play in the first ever NPL which I look forward to. It’s going to be exciting.

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