My A Game is On Full Throttle

The WPT London Poker Classic is coming up fast, of course I’ll be playing, and while that’s running, the cash games at Crockfords will be thundering with the sound of chip chatter and players on their knees crying when they try to beat me. I’m in good poker form, running good, feeling good, and that means my poker mouth is running good too—watch out! Right after the WPT, the Party World Open VI starts and I’ll be there too, working on sending everyone out looking for their bikes.

Right now I’m in Riga, Lativa. I’m going to do a new TV show here called the Baltic Poker Championships.

The Big Game Players

I just came from Las Vegas after playing in The Big Game for Fox. It’s a memory I’m going to keep for a long, long time. Phil Hellmuth no longer wants to play with me. I played against Daniel Negreanu too, if you remember the last time I was there I called him out for being a bike thief; if he wasn’t then, he may need to steal one now since I lightened his bankroll and he may not be able to afford to buy one. Poker can be so ‘crushing’ at times and I love the roll of CRUSHER! It was such fun, the best TV time I’ve ever had in my life. The show will be great, don’t miss it! tony-elizabeth-300x199-8081968

Tony G & Elizabeth

Along with the Big Game players, I was treated to Elizabeth, a ‘Loose Cannon’ that needed my expert guidance at the poker table and at the post show party at XS Nightclub at Encore. Life can’t get much better, beautiful women (she has a twin sister), everything going my way at the poker table, The Poker Brat crying, and more poker on the way. I was invited to the Raising the Stakes Poker Dinner that aids the Great Ormond Street Hospital (the world’s biggest children’s hospital) at Les Ambassadeurs at the end of this month. The Poker Brat is going to sit at my table. Such fun, such fun, even though it’s a dinner table and not a poker table, I’m sure I can make him cry.

Tony G Playing the game he loves

I just love to be in the game. Poker was created just for me. It’s fun when you’re running good and when that happens, even players like me can look like gods, at least for a short time. Even a god enjoys seeing The Poker Brat cry.

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