Oktoberfest and Moscow

After winning the trophy for the million dollar cash game, I went straight to Munich for Oktoberfest where we had the very best seats in the Hypodrome to watch the opening of the Oktoberfest festival and drink beer. The atmosphere there is amazing, the Oktoberfest is a must do, if you can get there, you have to do it! Six million people come to this festival. The atmosphere there is exhilarating. It’s truly amazing and it was a thrill of a lifetime to be part of it.

I also invited Patrik Antonius & Thomas Bihl as well as Kirill Gerasimov and Alex Kravchenko. So poker was always going to be part of the schedule in Munich. We played a little in Patrik’s presidential suite at the Kempinski four seasons hotel. I was fortunate enough to split the sit and go event with the others. We had a few of the big time Russian tycoons in this game as well so it was fun.

On the 24th we had our plane waiting for us to take us to Moscow. The thing with private planes though is, if you miss your scheduled take off, you still miss the flight and need a new slot to take off in so we did obviously miss it but it was only an extra 2 hour wait on the plane which was pretty good. The problem is, once you start flying private, it’s hard to go back to first class. When I think about it, six years ago I could not afford economy class. You must always think about this and never think you are the king of the world just because you are more lucky than others at the moment.

Anyway, I am sitting in my apartment in Moscow and just got up. Last night I was playing a very small 500-1000 limit omaha hi lo game just for fun at the Shangri La Casino in Moscow and won 30k which was the smallest win I have had here since coming in on the 24th. Usually the game is in another place and much bigger. The game we love to play is PLO and 500k swings are common.

Anyway Moscow is a really good place, quite safe and improving all the time. It’s amazing how far the Russian people are coming in a very short time. I am kind of proud of them all. Poker here is going to be huge. As long as the laws are reasonable, it will be as big as it is in the USA, pro rata it’s in the blood and people love it.

Ok, one poker tip, don’t play K-J it’s the very, very worst hand to try to make money with.

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