On my way to London

I am in Riga, Latvia, at the airport getting ready to fly to London.  Macauu and the APT are not in my plans this year since the trip is very long and I have way too many things on my business schedule over the next few weeks so I won’t have time to settle in and play live poker.

I have been thinking about playing Durrr in his challenge.  I asked him to give me 20% back on any amount I lose but so far he hasn’t agreed.  It is only fair for me to get some kind of deal with him since he is giving Patrik Antonious a special deal.  There is no reason for me to play him on par value although I still may play him without any refund since I think it would be fun.  I know that to risk 500k on playing a player like him takes the fun money out of the picture and money is hard enough to come by.  Once you have it, when you decide who you’re going to play for what stakes, it’s important not to risk it when there is no value.  I think the key for any poker player is to pick your spots and even though I always talk about having fun when I play, I really hope I don’t end up playing anyway just for the fun of it.

The only place I will be playing in the next few weeks is at TonyG Poker and you will find me in a seat at the Sunday Bike Ride Event every Sunday 8pm UK time, otherwise I’ll be working on a lot of business projects.  Come and play with me at the Bike Ride.

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