Out of London

I played the semi final of the 888 Open at Maidstone Studios. It was a 7 handed sit and go and the last 2 players left with chips would go into a 6 player final. I started in a nice heat with no known players in it and it seemed to be a fairly easy table but things did not go well for me. I was never even able to run a shot this time.

Early on there was a limp and a raise of 10K from the small blind. I found A-K and decided to just call. The limper moved all in. The small blind that had raised it to 10K folded. I knew it was time to fold A-K and had to give up a chunk of my starting stack, we started with 100K.

Later on I picked up K-K in the big blind and decided to slow play it against two players. I got the money in on the turn on a board of 2-6-7-Q and the other guy was slow playing Q-Q. Sick! No King on the river and I was on my bike. I quickly left and went back to the Dorchester Hotel in London.

The next day I flew out to Vilnius Lithuania and I have been taking some time out in the forest.

Warnie didn’t win his second chance turbo heat either. We’ll play again soon I’m sure.

I go back to London for the Premier League on November 23rd. I will be there for a week and play with Phil Hellmuth and others. I’ve heard that Phil Ivey may be there as well. The Premier League has the best ratings of any TV show in Europe.

So until then

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