Paris WPT – Day Two – I’m out

I’m out – I couldn’t do it. I started off the day with 10,000 a pretty small stack, and I got down to 7,500. I had a double up – I had AQ versus K 10, and my hand held up, so I was up to about 15,000.

Later, Christer Johansen on my table makes a small raise, and I am in the big blind with 7 9 of hearts, so I call. The flop comes A Q 8 with two hearts. He bet, I moved all in. I think it’s a very good play – if he doesn’t have the Ace, you get the pot. If he does have the Ace, you still have outs.

Christer called, and shows me A J, with the Jack of hearts, so I still had some outs. The turn came a heart, which also paired the board with the Queen of Hearts. So, I had made the best hand with a flush, but Christer had the Jack of hearts, so he had a flush draw. It was a really nice pot, too – like 35,000, which would have put me above average if my hand holds up.

But, unfortunately, the river was another heart. The heartbreaking heart.

I’ll pack up my bags, and head back to London, to play a big tournament, the Poker Millions there on the 16th.

I played pretty well, I was pretty happy with my play. I’m sure I’ll do better in the next tournament….it’s not easy.

The tournament conditions were pretty bad. We got the six same players from day one to day two. That was the ‘draw’. You could choose one of two tables, with the same players. It was ridiculously hot – no air conditioning – everyone was upset. Really bad conditions for players here. But, I love the place, and I will be back. It’s just unfortunate I wasn’t good enough today.

I finished about 100th. So, my results for Paris WPT – first season 5th place – 3rd season 2nd place – last season 18th. So, I’m still having good results. Off to London, then its time for the World Series. See you soon.

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