Poker in Japan

I am back in Japan for the second time this is a last minute trip due to the massive poker action here right now. The game is $300-$600 no limit holdem and the action is super hot its an invite only affair but poker in Asia will be massive for players with big bank rolls there will be games to play inn. Singapore is opening a Casino within a few years so is Macau and there are 2 Asian poker Tours that are starting up this year the big one is in Singapore in October and a very serious tour will take place just like the European Poker Tour the fist stop of this tour is just after Singapore in October. There is also a big no limit holdem game that wuns in Manila its $100-$100 no limit so a little too small for me but there must be plenty of players that would play that level the guy that I really want to bring to Aisia is Johnny Lodden couse he gives action and that is what they like here raise re-raise.

The game that I play is with some very rich players from Japan that just want to play with me cause my show with the kimono has been around as well as that they dont want to play with nits or players that will play 1 hand an hour they expect to play every hand and I do oblige we get some pots over 500k so there is some pressure. So far its not going the best for me with flopping nuts in one key pot flop 7 6 9 with 1 diamond I held my magic 10-8 off diamonds it comes running diamonds I lose to a higher flush the max cap pot of 500k so what can you do just need to plug away I am sure that by the end of my trip I will be OK. Hope you enjoy the photos from Japan I am also catching up on the basketball World Championships here while on the my trip. By early September I need to be in London to play in a few TV events till then I need to plug away here right now I am down 420k on this trip.


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