Shootout/PLO Update

I had a bad day today. I came to the shootout, and couldn’t get going at all. We got down to six handed before I busted. I raised with pocket 6’s, and I got re-raised all in. I called all my stack off, I didn’t have much – we started with 20,000, and I had about 12,000 left. I called, but I wished I didn’t. If I call, and I win, I would have had a good stack, about 35,000. I don’t want to play with 12,000 – that is how I play. I faced pocket nines, and didn’t hit, so I was out.

I quickly walked over to play the $1,500 Omaha with Rebuys. This event was just added today. So, in the rebuy, I built up to 27,000 within the first 30 minutes, and was a huge chip leader – we started with 1,500 in chips. Ram Vaswani was at my table, and we were just going all in without looking all the time, so there was a massive amount of chips on the table. What happened was Ram had Aces double suited, and I had Aces single suited. I flopped a massive freeroll, with a straight draw, and a flush draw and all the money went in. I made my flush on the river, and I had a ton of chips.

I am in really good shape now, and I am excited that I can go far in this tournament. I am really strong at Omaha, and its my favorite game, I have a big stack. I’m still crazy enough to take the double add on at the end of the rebuy period, so I will have a really big stack, but I will be in for $10,000 in this tournament. This is the sort of money you have to put in to win rebuy tournaments. I think its crazy when you add rebuys – its rubbish because its not a real game. We’re not looking at our hands, and just pushing. If you have a lot of money, and you just want to win a bracelet, you just do what you have to do to get chips.

I got lucky to get to 12,000, then I won a massive pot with Aces. I’m going to play really well, and I hope to make the final table. I’m actually sitting out right now, because the blinds are at 25/25, and people have 1,500 chips on the table – what am I going to play for? At this point, I might as well wait for the rebuy period to end, and get into it when the serious game is on.

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