Staking Isildur1

Isildur1 is back online, creating a lot of noise in the high limit games and I’ve mentioned in a past blog post that I would stake him and now I’m inviting him out to play the Big Game IV in the UK from April 11-13th at Les Ambassadeurs in London.  I am offering to pay everything to get him there, and his hotel, and to stake him in the 48 hour cash game.  Isildur1, everyone wants to watch your incredible online game unfold on a live table with your opponents sitting across the table from you.


You can still be anonymous.  No one even has to see your face, you can wear any mask you want and I’m offering my Kermit the Frog outfit to you, it’s green and green resembles money so take the offer man. When the event is televised all over the world, everyone will see the Frog raising and stacking.

You can wear any mask you want, including one that I will have made just for you if that’s your choice.  You don’t even have to talk, you can use hand signals for raising and checking, but from watching you play online I know you will use the raise motion the most.

Eddie Hearn of Matchroom Sport is a friend and he will help you remain anonymous.  You know I love your style and I want to watch you play and it will only make us better friends and more competitive in poker, I do hope you’ll accept.  We will ask to get the event renamed if you agree to come.  We will talk to the owners of the Les Ambassadeurs Club Les Isildur1′s for that one night.

If you come and let me stake you, I will still play my hardest to beat you.  Be warned, the bike ride with a mask might be difficult.

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