The Road to the Final Table

The World Series is over and I am finally back home in Australia. All the action right now is going on at Full Tilt Poker as their FTOPS IX (Full Tilt Online Poker Series) is going on. My good friend Patrick Antonius was the host of event #22 the $2,500 NLHE so I decided to have a go.

This event drew a huge field of 942 hopefuls, and I was very eager to go deep and send a few of them on their bike. I played my heart out on the first day and was able to make it to the second and final day along with 78 others. Right before the end of play on the first day, I was lucky enough to find Aces against the chip leader who was extremely aggressive and I stacked off pre flop against his King-Ten. I got lucky as the flop was very dangerous giving him an up and down straight draw and a pair. He missed and as a result I was 7th in chips with very healthy stack of more than 100K.

I decided that making day two of such a prestigious online event would be a great chance to make a Strategy video for the new section that is about to launch on PokerNews, PokerNews Strategy. I contacted Hux and he set up the office for filming my Day 2. Being that I am in Melbourne, the event for us started at 4AM so I was motivated to do well.

After getting incredibly lucky once when I took my Jacks up against Queens all in pre-flop, (I made quads!!), I was able to make it to the final table with a decent chip stack. Despite all my efforts, I was not able to win the event and got busted in 6th place. Even though I made over $100,000 for two day’s work, I was really disappointed and wanted to win it for the fans. Eventually the event finished with a 3-way chop between hAAydon, triathlon4 and knickadam55. hAAydon was able to take the honors and with it a lazy $416,287.50.

Hux has told me that we should have the videos edited in the next few days and you will be able to watch my entire run to the final table in the new PokerNews Strategy section once it is launched.

We have attached a few of the hands from the final days play just to give you a little taste of my play on the day. I hope you enjoy.

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