Tony G is in the final

Well, I’m in the final of the Intercontinental Poker Championship. This will be heads up….everyone will see this on CBS.

My biggest accomplishment is knocking out the Russian out twice. Having a Lithuanian background, I love to knock Russian’s out. I’ve got Ralph Perry’s number. Ralph called me with King Jack suited, and my Ace deuce held up with nothing on the board. This is an amazing feeling, and I dominated the heat from the go. I didn’t come 10,000 miles to lose. I didn’t come to get bluffed out. They all try to bluff me. I can’t believe it. I called them every time. I think people come to play just to try to bluff me out. I had virtually no mistakes today. I called once with 10 5 of Diamonds, which was a bad call, but I had a really big stack. Otherwise, I made no mistakes.

I got very lucky once I got heads up with Yosh Nakano of Japan. I hope this puts poker on the map in Japan. If you are Japanese, check out I go to Japan, and I play poker in Japan. I love the people, and I love the culture. It’s really appropriate to play a Japanese player to make it into the final.

I’m the first guy to win my heat, and win the semi final straight away, and I’m directly in. I may not be the best player , but I have the biggest heart, and the biggest commitment to the game. I’ve had the toughest road to make it. This feels great.

Note: They have asked us not to reveal the final result before the TV airs. So, sorry….I can’t talk about it. Look for the program on CBS starting in mid June.

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