World Speed Poker Championships Semi Final

The goal in the semi final is to finish in the top 3 and what ever chips you get you take to the final. The winner of the heat also gets a bonus of some cash for winning the heat. I stared off real slow and was careful not to make any mistakes and get through to the final. I managed to pick up a decent hand against El Blondie had 10-6 suited against his JJ flop was two Diamonds which gave me a flush draw with a K, Dave decided to slow play and just raised a little with his JJ before the flop. Flop was checked all around, turn came the J to give El Blondie 3 Jacks and me still the flush draw. I cam out and bet 15k into a 50k pot El Blonie callsthird player folds. The river comes good for me as I hit my flush, Icheck He bets I raise he calls and I am up to 180k in chips. This wasthe only hand of note for me as nothing much happened and I made thefinal with 161k which I was happy with. Once it was 3 handed they kindof let me win it and pick up the bonus money the final hand saw me wina huge pot with Q high, I actually check raised with it on the flopall inn and amazingly got a call with J hi. My Q held up for the win.

Shorty afterwards the final started and I had my yet again slow start.Soon I was down to under 100k and picked up 2-2 which I called with onthe button after the chip leader limped I was pretty sure that hewould call if I raised. SO there is chip leader me and the big blindin this pot, flop 2-5-Q all spades, I have my set but the board is notcool. Big blind checks chip leader bets I go all inn, the big blindcall with 5-Q for top two pair. Look cool as the chip leader folds aQ so I have 3 outs against me. Not my day as the river is a nasty 5giving him a higher full then me. Next tourney is the EPT London thisFriday.

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