WSOP $1,000 rebuy Final Table update.

We had to finish off the level from last night, and so far there hasn’t been much action. I picked up 10 10 once, and AK in early position. I moved in both times, and picked up the blinds and antes. So, I am up to 92,000, and I am playing a really solid game. I am attacking Phil Hellmuth a lot, and he made a big mistake against Juha Helppi, who is now the chip leader. Juha is a good friend of mine, and we have a 10% swap in this tournament. Its going to be a profitable tournament for me, that’s for sure.

That’s how poker goes – you have really good friends off the table, you swap percentages, and hang out, but you go after each other once you are on the table.

I’m up to about 90,000 now – average is about 230,000. We’re playing 6,000/12,000 with a $1,000 ante – so I still have several rounds before I get blinded out. Plus, I have two tight players to my left, so I think I can steal the blinds, and antes on the button.

Phil Hellmuth is under a lot of pressure, and we have had a lot of arguments already. We had an argument over how long the first break should be. I won the argument, and we got a 10 minute break, instead of the 15 Phil wanted.

If I get busted off this, I will go into the deuce to seven, which starts at 4pm. I have a good feeling about this – I think I can do it.

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