WSOP $3,000 Omaha hi-lo

I just didn’t have it in me to play so well today. The day was just horrific. But, the atmosphere was great. Mike the Mouth was at the next table, as was Daniel, and Gavin Smith was nearby.

I made side bet with Mike the Mouth, and neither of us won a hand. But, I busted out first, so I had to pay him $2,000. Also, when I was really short in chips – I had 575 to Gavin’s 7,500, we made a side bet for $2,000 where he gave me 10 to 1, but the 10 to 1 didn’t help. I put my money in with 12 outs, but I didn’t get my card.

So, I busted out, and had to pay Gavin, as well as Mike off on those bets, but I still think the bet was in my favor.

But, it was a tough day. Tomorrow is the shootout, which I feel good about. I will probably win something tomorrow. It was a struggle. I didn’t want to be there today. I didn’t get it going, and didn’t enjoy it. It has been long, and it’s hot outside. It’s wearing me down just a little bit.

The main event should be fun if I can have some fun, and get into it, but it has been tough the last few days.

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