WSOP Event # 5 – Dinner break

So, we’re up to the dinner break now. I’m going pretty well. I have Erick Lindgren at my table to my right, which is a lot of fun. I am in the top 10 in chips at the dinner break. 888 started the tourney, and I am playing really good poker.

Daniel Negreanu is on a roll, and Gavin Smith is absolutely sick at the next table, making some sick calls. He busted David Plastik with 6 4, and called another guy’s all in with J 3, that didn’t work out so well. But, he has a lot of chips.

We have 120 players left now. If I can maintain my momentum through the next few levels, we’ll be looking at a final table. I think we’re looking at 4 more levels tonight. I need to get through. This is my game, I feel great. No real big hands, just plugging away stealing, stealing, stealing. This is what this is about, this 6 handed game. Bluff, and rebluff.

The key hand was on that last level, was I picked up A K under the gun. I raised it up, and the big blind called. The flop came A K Q, all spades. I have two pairs, but it’s a dangerous flop, as I have no spades. I decided to check. He checked, and I did too. The turn came a 6 of spades, which pretty much saved me. He checked, I bet 500 into a 2,000 pot. He called. The river was a 6, which paired the board as well. He bet 2,000 – I folded, and he showed me – a flopped Royal Flush. How lucky was I that an A or a K didn’t come out. But, I was lucky it didn’t, and I survived.

Another play I made was I had A K of diamonds. With three limpers, I just limped from the small blind – just to change it up. In a shorthanded game, you try to be creative. So, the flop was 8 5 2, and I just lost the minimum, as a guy who was a big stack showed two nines.

Another hand, I just called with two Queens on the button, and won the pot. So, I have been mixing it up – playing bad hands aggressively, and playing hands in an interesting way.

It’s a lot of fun. Having this amount of chips gives me a real good chance. This is an important tournament for me. Hoping to make the final table.

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