WSOP Update

I got busted in the hold em – I was pretty unlucky, and as you know the guy made a big move on me, and took most of my chips with a backdoor straight.

So, I went and played the Razz, and I couldn’t pick up a hand. Ted Forrest busted me out, I got all in the money in with an 8 made, Ted had a worse 8, and needed to catch a 3, 4 or 7 to get there. Ted did catch his card, and I didn’t improve, which I didn’t, and I was out. It’s been a long day, but no results.

I hope everyone watched the CBS show today. Yosh Nakano outclassed me, but I did lose to a two outer there. I had the Intercontinental Championships won, unless a 5 hit, which it did, and it got me.

I hope everyone enjoyed the show, and I hope to make more TV final tables in the future. Good luck, everyone.

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