Are There Bots on My Poker Site?

From the very first day I have decided to go with the Open Face Chinese Poker app, a lot of people shared their concerns about the potential threat of bots. Today the people who developed the Tonybet Poker software posted an answer on this issue.

These are very smart, hard-working, and devoted people who I trust with all my big heart. I’m just going to post the full text here for you to read:

Dear Poker Pals,

As proud creators of Open Face Chinese (OFC) poker software we are very excited with the tremendous improvement since our inception thanks, in large part, to our valued customers. We will continue to make marked improvements and anxiously await your continued feedback.

Although we temporarily experienced technical issues during the beta phase of software development, we have thoroughly resolved them. We thank each one of you for your patience during our phase of creation and growth. We will continue to grow with your avid support.

One nuisance that has plagued all poker sites is the adversarial bot. Like a human virus, bots can infiltrate a poker site and compromise the integrity of the system; however, similar to the virus, we can combat the bot, in all of its forms, with the right dose of investigation and intelligence.

Although viruses exist, people do not always catch them; analogously, although bots exist, not all poker sites will be infected with this sickening parasite. Tonybet Poker staff remain vigilant for bots; however, we believe we can ward off these menaces for the following reasons:

  • Tonybet Poker operates in regulated markets which makes it much more difficult for botters to create multiple accounts. Cashing out illegal profit without drawing suspicion is the most difficult part of any botting operation.
  • Multi-tabling is a hallmark of bots. Our security team actively monitors multi-tabling; however, if you are an honest multi-table player, you need not worry about reprisals.
  • Simulation programs are wildly ineffective for cheating. Players usually time out before they can gain an advantage, and our sophisticated detection software will deny cheaters access to the site.
  • Unlike more common poker variations, Open Face Chinese is still new and therefore is constantly evolving. We are working on a number of new games to make sure the botters are lacking behind.
  • Tonybet has only several hundred players (but we are quickly growing!). This means bot detection is quite easy for us. As we and our understanding of bots grow, we continually gain an edge over our adversary.

If you have any problems or suggestions, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter. Or simply email us at We value every one of you and assure you a most pleasurable gaming experience.

See you at the TABLES!

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