Playing OFC Tournaments

No, I’m not, but a lot of people are. In fact the growing number of Open Face Chinese maniacs at Tonybet Poker still amazes me. Yes, I believed in this site from the very first moment we came up with idea of doing it, but I’m an experienced businessman and therefore I know that projects like this need time and a lot of it.

Apart from the costs needed to develop the site – people working on the project, the website, the software, I have invested in Tonybet Poker almost nothing. I just believed in the idea and in the hard work of the people I know and trust. Believing in one’s success is the key. And I can already say I have succeeded.

Now getting back to the part of me not playing tournaments on my own site. I would really love to, but the fact is I’m just piled up with the political stuff. Yes, I’m running for the European Parliament in my home country of Lithuania, but there’s so much more to that.

Right now I’m touring the country meeting a lot of young and ambitious people sharing my business knowledge and experience. It’s just amazing how many smart and dream driven people live in Lithuania. Just by talking to them I see that my country has a bright future.

So while I’m away, the smart people at TonyBet are working hard on making sure you get the best Open Face Poker experience. Just yesterday the site launched multi table tournaments – they are absolutely free to enter and have guaranteed prize pools of up to €25.

There is also my own €1,000 SnG Bike Ride promo running on the site giving away free cash to the best Sit and Go players every week. Rest assured – Tonybet Poker is currently the best place to play OFC online. I guarantee it!

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