The Growth of the “G” Empire

I am frequently asked on my twitter account @tonyguoga whether I will be attending the WSOP but I am afraid I will not be attending this year as I am tending to other parts of the Empire. Nordas can only take care of a certain amount and I am very excited by my new business ventures.

Most of you know I have my own resort – Tony Resort – come relax and indulge in some famous Lithuanian countryside hospitality! Tony Resort now, however, is also the home of a catwalk as I have gone into fashion. I have had a clothing line called TonyStreets for some time but last week we launched TonyGirl, a women’s leisure fashion range and I went to the photo shoot. TonyGirl is going to be huge – much bigger than Bat Girl or Super Girl and it is a fashion line suitable for unwinding and bike riding. I also think TonyStreets has ranges very suitable for poker players. Don’t adjust your glasses, check out the shots from the TonyGirl shoot.

With the launch of TonyGirl, the secret to what the ‘g’ stands for in Tony G is now public. To be “TonyGirl” is more prestigious than being Miss Lithuania – totally qualified with a selection process and 18 month contract. Both TonyStreets and TonyGirl have more shoes than Beth Shak and Imelda Marcos! Just remember, I love poker but I’m also from the streets and I like girls.

To celebrate the launch of TonyGirl I am holding a very special competition on my twitter account @tonyguoga. The empire is building but what should the next Tony product or service be? We have Tony Resort, Tony Streets, TonyGirl, and Tony Pet Private Jets but where do we go next? Send me a tweet with your suggestions with the hashtag #tonygirl and what I regard as the best answer will get a pair of trainers from TonyStreets!!

Good luck!

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