The worst hand I ever played

Tom Riding asked me on Facebook: Tony, what’s the worst hand you have ever played?

The worst hand I ever played was in WPT Malta. I was in the money. I had ax-9125336 qx-5193581 vs 6x-1008846 6x-1008846 with a raise coming from a middle position. I called in the small blind and managed to get all-in on the river with the board ax-9125336 6x-1008846 3x-3852851 3x-3852851 9x-5090080. Total pot was 900k – a massive chiplead at that stage of the tournament.

It’s important to lay down such hands on the river. I overplayed and managed to be all-in without having any real showdown value.

The correct way to play this hand post-flop would have been to just check-call all the way and lose perhaps 25% of my stack. I just called pre-flop but check-raised on the flop. This made the pot way too big on the river. I ended up having to call 150k more with 750k in the pot.

Maybe I could lay down on the river but ideally more value is had to just check-call all the way, inducing the bluff and creating value. The big issue and problem was that I took on the chipleader Matt Giannetti, who ended up winning the event.

What’s the worst hand you have ever played?

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