Top 10 CoinPoker Features – Flipping Cryptocurrency Instead of Change in Poker Rooms

Technology influences the ever-evolving world. One of its wonders is a cryptocurrency that changes the online poker room arena. The early adopters are poker players who recognize crypto’s many benefits to the people in love with the game. 

If you play in traditional casinos, there is always something that bothers you. For example, you have to wait for the bank to complete the transaction of your winnings, and it can last for days. Understandable because that is why you play in the first place, right? The winner takes the prize. Unlike traditional online casinos, transactions at CoinPoker are almost instantaneous thanks to cryptocurrency. But, let’s not stop there because this particular website has many more advantages.

CoinPoker Homepage, cryptocurrency poker room
CoinPoker Homepage

Designed for New Players – Easy to Play

CoinPoker is a blockchain-based platform established in November 2017. The site was an idea of a group of cryptocurrency, game aficionados, and well-known faces in the poker world. It was designed for players by people who share the same passion.

Easy to use – The interface is straightforward and slick to use.

No clutter – Unlike in most gambling rooms, the good news is that the operator is the epitome of minimalism. The user interface is dark and simple, which means all the features are easy to find, regardless of the device. 

Free to win – The operator has multiple freeroll tournaments each day and great prizes for the winner.

Multi-Language – The platform supports English, Russian, French, Portuguese, Chinese, and German. 

Simple Registration – No tiresome entries regarding banking information and personal data. Instead, with CoinPoker, you provide an email address, nickname, and phone number (optional). The entire registration process lasts under a minute, giving you easy access to the cryptocurrency poker experience.Simple download – You can install on any device, Windows, Mac, Android or iOS.

CoinPoker Mobile app
CoinPoker Mobile App

Don’t Wait for Your Winnings – Get paid Immediately.

It takes time to withdraw your prize from rival sites. pays out winnings using cryptocurrency. Meaning, you get paid ‘immediately’ using the cryptocurrency you prefer, whether BTC, ETH, USDT, or MATIC.

You’re in, or You’re Out?

That’s the kind of question you will hear when playing on the platform with none other than Tony G. As it is well-known to the public, he is always in, hosting high stakes crypto-poker tournaments on CoinPoker. That means you get a chance in a lifetime to play with the legendary name in the poker industry. 

Community-Based Rakes

Since starting the platform, CoinPoker has employed its variant of rakes named Community Contributions. Rakeback is obtaining a portion of that money back. Operator tracks each player’s performance of Hold ’em, Pot-limit Omaha, and Open-face Chinese game tables and distributes Rakebacks accordingly. The lobby includes tournaments, and each Monday, the operator awards players with 30% Rakeback, effective immediately.

CoinPoker Community Contributions

Fair = No Poker Trackers/Solvers

One of the best features of is that it allows everyone to play on an equal playing field: Poker pros use poker trackers/solvers, which enable them to see how a player performs/plays. CoinPoker founders designed the website to give everyone a chance to play fair, and the team is strict about the rule: No trackers/solvers allowed!

Verifiable Through Decentralized RNG

Coinpoker’s decentralized RNG technology allows players to audit and prove that each game is random.

There are times when the player doubts the cards, and often the operator takes the blame. As the technology evolves, so does the concept of random number generator (RNG.) The operator uses RNG that operates on a decentralized network, which means it’s fair and easily verifiable through the interface. 

Transparent RNG shuffler generates the shake factor using input from all the players. Each player initiates a one-way value while making the first shake. The shuffler uses all these values and makes a final one based on all the inputs. 

Crypto-based Digital Poker Room Games

CoinPoker’s main features are poker games like NL hold ’em, Pot-limit Omaha, Short Deck, Open Face Chinese, and Bad Beat Jackpot. The latter is the prize that gets popular quickly. If you suffer a bad beat, you get a chance to win the jackpot. However, there are also frequent tournaments that vary from cash games in the sense that each player must pay an entry fee before competing for a portion of the prize pool. 

Action partakers can find their thrills on their six-max tables. Apart from these, the operator offers a cryptocurrency sportsbook with a live sports section and a long list of events. There are 15 different sports and all major football and basketball leagues. 

CoinPoker Sportsbook
CoinPoker Sportsbook

The Only Online Trusted Open-Face Chinese Poker.

Speaking of games, for those that play Pineapple Poker, has the best trusted Open-Face Chinese games online.  It is a complex three-player game simulating poker and chess-like strategy with continuous rounds.  

How Safe is CoinPoker?

The majority of online casinos demand banking and personal information from their players. That could be one of the features why many of them would instead visit brick and mortar places than leave all of their data in the operator’s hands. So it is understandable when you look at the numbers of people who got scammed. 

However, a time comes when one does not feel like taking a trip to another part of town to play their favourite game. That is why cryptocurrency rooms like CoinPoker have high-security options for their visitors. An operator will ask you for basics like email or phone number to verify your account. 

No additional information is needed while completing the transaction with this operator apart from your wallet address. Additionally, cryptocurrency poker rooms use the latest software encryption, making it virtually impossible for hackers to access private account details. 

The operator also permits players to permanently or temporarily exclude themselves from using the platform’s services, a feature easily accessible by contacting

Socializing with Crypto Poker Community

Apart from chatting with other players during the game, operator has a community on Telegram and Facebook. Groups are set for people who love the game, but novice players are welcome, and members are more than willing to share their knowledge.

Summing Up CoinPoker Features 

Cryptocurrencies and digital poker rooms have grown in importance in recent years. You get crypto poker that worked for years to make spaces safe for players when you combine the two. This particular operator took one step further to create a mobile app, making the game available for players on the go. Although CoinPoker is not a part of the most common group of operators, the choice of games and community-based experience make it worth checking their site. 

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