$5k w/rebuys Deuce to Seven – End of Level 6

End of level 6, and I made my move in that level. Up to about 45k in chips. Blinds were 400/800 with a 200 ante. Then we’re going to play 600/1200 with a 300 ante in Round 7.. Its been pretty good,.I’ve managed to knock Phil Hellmuth out. Greg Raymer is also out now. So the whole tournament has changed complexion. We have 25 players left. And money is the top 7. There is a million dollars in the prize pool actually at the end. So, I’ve been playing really well but luck is such a huge factor in this game. I ended up having a pat 8 – 8-2-3-4-5. which won me about 15,000 in that round. That really helped. I had a 7 as well in that round, but I didn’t get any action. But yeah, that was a great card and cards make a lot of difference. The next level I’ll be looking to play good again. There is about four hours to go before the final I think.

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