7 Card Stud – Update

We’re getting pretty deep into the tournament, and I have a really funny table. Sam Grizzle is at my table, who I love, cause he talks so much shit, just like me. Sam is the chip leader at the table. I also have David Sklansky, who wrote all those books that I perused a long time ago. I don’t recommend them, to be honest. That’s just my opinion, I play a bit different than the books. I don’t think you can make much money playing ‘by the book’ these days, cause the game has progressed so much.

But, again – my recommendation is to play a lot online, start off playing lots of freerolls, and develop your own style. I think it takes at least 3 years to become a good player. Develop the game yourself, and get a book so you know the odds.

David has a fair bit if chips, though. Its an exciting time now, we’re getting close to the money. I think there are about 100 players left, and we need to get down to about 50 for the money. I got up to 6,000 at one point, and I now have about 4,000, which is what I have had for the last hour. I just haven’t had much momentum at all today. I have been up & down a lot, and I just can’t win any of the big hands. I got sucked out on the river in a big hand, but that’s stud.

The levels are 200/400, and if I can make one more break, I will make the money. But, you all should know I don’t shoot for the money, I shoot to win it. In the back of my mind is that tomorrow is the Omaha Hi-Lo, which I love. I am going to be very aggressive now, and we’ll see what happens.

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