Day 2 of Deuce to 7

Tony’s playing in the Deuce to 7 Draw – day two – and he made the dinner break, “It’s exciting!” There are 21 players left and unfortunately he’s got a small stack left but he says that’s been the pattern for him. He feels he’s been “playing well…playing long and having a lot of fun…”

Tony says he needs to get a good break and make the final table this time.

Tony came into the second day short stacked and built up a pretty good stack to about 200 or around 180 thousand so he had a good run right at the start. After that he says he’s been battling. He played with Doyle Brunson all day yesterday and survived and played with David Benyamine and Mike Matusow all day today. He says they’re having fun but he needs to just have a really nice run and enjoy himself, he thinks that’s the key and he’s looking for good results.

Tony says the field is fantastic. Doyle’s still in there and it’s all phenomenal.

Out of the 21 players left, 14 will cash.

Tony knows it’s been a tough field but that’s what he wants. He wants to play the tough players, he says he’s not here to play the donkeys, there are too many of them around.

Tony’s going to dinner, have some wine, and he’ll be back in the game.

*Melissa Castello from live blogging with Tony G.*

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