Deuce to 7 without the Re-buy

Tony visits with Melissa Castello out in the fresh Vegas air on an unofficial break from the Deuce to 7 Draw and the Add-on period is over. Tony says it’s a bit boring and slow and he started two hours late. He’s got about 12K and he’s cruising, he’ll be going on dinner break in about an hour and have a steak.

Tony likes the game of Deuce. He made the final table last year, it was a 5K re-buy and this year it’s a 10K main event with no re-buy.

They talk about the way the chips are dispersed, rather than being a re-buy event, the full amount of the chips for the tournament can be requested and at this point, all the chips are in play.

Tony’s happy with the way things are going since he’s been in Vegas, he would have liked to have done better in the 40K event but coming in 10th place was nice and it is a result. He talks about Deuce to 7 and the strategy and play and the cards – which really don’t have much to do with it according to him.

Tony played the 7 Card Stud yesterday – just watch the look on his face, you’ll get the picture.

The discussion goes back to Deuce to 7 and the odds of drawing and the fact that most people don’t understand the game and the momentum of the play.

It’s time to return to Deuce…the moon is out, it’s not too hot, the Vegas skyline shows well in the background and as a parting thought, Tony explains how they are all trained pigs. Pigs are easier to train than dogs, and they fit the part well.

Check back for more news soon.

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