Games away from the poker table – Cricket and more

Tony says the last couple of days have been a lot of fun…he’s been hanging with Mike Tyson, Shane Warne, Jeff Fenech. There’s been a lot of boxing and cricket. The scene goes to a ‘cricket hit out’.

Amanda Leatherman takes over the mic as she intros Shane Warne, from 888 Poker, and Tony G. from Sunset Park. Tony’s decked out in shorts and they go into game play against a local Vegas team that plays all the time. The team is very excited to have Shane in their midst as he’s an internationaly known Cricket superstar.

Tony goes into action pitching and Shane does a commentary on Tony’s form, Tony asks, “If I do well, could I get picked somewhere?”

Shane says yes but Amanda quickly changes the subject, “Do you think you’re going to kill these guys out here?”

Shane says it’s one of the most interesting surfaces he’s ever played on and the ball might do some strange things.

The action starts and one of the Las Vegas Cricket Club Members says it’s great because all of them pretty much grew up watching the Cricket greats.

Tony says they could get lucky and win.

Joe Hachem joins Tony as they watch Shane.

The scene flips to Tony showing his moves as a Cricket expert.

Back to Tony and Shane where Shane proclaims Tony to be the absolute star of the show. The final conclusion from Shane is that Tony G. could be a ringer next year. Tony says he’s ready.

Amanda makes a classic blooper and asks Shane which one he thought was better, Tony Hachem or Tony G. Let’s face it, once you see Tony G. in shorts and playing cricket, that’s all you think about is the Tony’s of the world.

The final conclusion is they all had fun. The ultimate goal…have fun.

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