PokerNews Team Hits The Boards

I found K-K early on in the main event of the PokerNews Cup. In the same hand, someone else found A-A. It’s OK and it’s poker. I haven’t been very motivated to play lately and I’m focusing more on traveling.

One poker event I am really looking forward to playing is the Party Poker Premiere League in London. The buy-in has been raised to $75K and added money is $350K, the prize pool will be $1.25M. It is an exciting event worth playing and winning.

There are some events I am interested in but I want to keep poker more as a really good hobby and start focusing on other directions in life.

We had such a great time playing basketball in Australia. Enjoy the video.

Ship it!

Gloria Balding comes out strong, introducing some of the PokerNews Team as they get ready to hit the boards.

It was rumored that Donnie Peters, PokerNews blogger might possibly find his job in jeopardy if he didn’t perform well.

Damon Rasheed, PokerNews C.E.O. points out that his legs are not made for basketball…and he adds that the whole team has a lot of fun.

Tony G. says he wants to set a good example for the company, they need to stay fit. Don’s job security is brought up once again as Tony states, “It’s very important to play well…”

The PokerNews Team lost after a hard fought battle – score 34 – 59. Tony said they got crushed. And the other team were all players and the PokerNews Team didn’t jell well.

The Question…does Don keep his job? Watch the video!

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