Skiing competitions and poker

Gloria Balding sits in with Tony G for a video blog update of the PokerNews Cup Alpine. Tony is throwing a party at the poker table – does that mean he’s giving away chips? Probably not.

He says he’s had a rough day. He went ‘extreme skiing’ and competed with a professional. The professional skied backwards and Tony won by default, the pro fell down. Tony said he didn’t take the pros’ money on the bet because Tony felt bad. Gloria asked if there were witnesses to the event. Mark Vos was right in the middle of the conversation then, and Tony sorted through it by saying they had a judge and the judge ruled there was no event, it was cancelled. Tony said it all worked out well, but he still couldn’t win against a guy going backwards…”That’s the sad part.”

Tony says they really had a great day. The owner of the whole deal (the hotel up on the hill) had given them schnapps, they’ve had steaks, they are in a fantastic chalet, and it’s quite unbelievable.

Gloria mentions that his skiing doesn’t seem to have affected his poker play. Tony says definitely not, that this is a high rollers $5K PLO with some big stars – the Flying Dutchman (Marcel Luske) and Noah flew in in helicopters in a snow storm with zero visibility and they had to change his underpants when he came in (not specifying which one needed the change but implication towards Marcel). But Tony says it doesn’t matter because he’s there now.

Tony says everyone is happy and ends by talking about grinding it out.

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