30th place in PLO Hi/Lo

Bubbles are nothing, they don’t take any time… http://video.pokernews.com/v/4682e08f5247a.flv Some bad news, the Omaha high low pot limit didn’t work out for me. I dropped out about 30th place. Very unfortunate to get in that situation; I got up to about 30,000 in chips which is pretty healthy, I just needed a couple more pots […]

Full Tilt $3-6NLH

Be a dangerous player that’s going to win a lot of money in a day…. http://video.pokernews.com/v/468252dfc03c4.flv Say you’re a punter which most people are… and you just want to take a swing and see if you can turn $500 or so into a few thousand and cash out. What’s the best way to do it? […]

Full Tilt $10-20 NLH

I’m on two waiting lists at the moment. Let’s see if anyone comes up and plays me heads-up… http://video.pokernews.com/v/4682566b7a68e.flv I jumped on the FullTilt table waiting for a game here. I’m going to play a little $10- 20 no limit holdem. I’m on two waiting lists for the moment. Let’s see if someone comes up […]

PLO Hi/low split

“It was an absolute fish market”.. http://video.pokernews.com/v/4681e9b900bad.flv I’m updating the Omaha high low pot limit tournament. I started the day with 28000 and felt very good; it’s an absolute fish market out there. Yesterday we played in the tent, 40°and it was so cold, it was freezing, getting sick. They had the air turned on […]